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What is a Pincode?

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post. In India, the Pin-code is 6 digits long. First digit means region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code. India has a total of nine PIN zones.

Baraut Pincode / Post Office Search (BAGPAT, Uttar Pradesh)

Agarwal Mandi S.O 250601BarautUttar Pradesh
Alwalpur B.O 250611BarautUttar Pradesh
Aminagar Sarai S.O 250606BarautUttar Pradesh
Asara B.O 250623BarautUttar Pradesh
Asarfabad Thal B.O 250623BarautUttar Pradesh
Atraura B.O 221502BarautUttar Pradesh
Audhapur B.O 250611BarautUttar Pradesh
Azampur Mulsam B.O 250622BarautUttar Pradesh
Bali B.O 250601BarautUttar Pradesh
Bamnauli S.O 250620BarautUttar Pradesh
Baoli S.O 250621BarautUttar Pradesh
Baragaon B.O 250101BarautUttar Pradesh
Baraut H.O 250611BarautUttar Pradesh
Baraut S.O 221502BarautUttar Pradesh
Barawad B.O 250611BarautUttar Pradesh
Barka B.O 250611BarautUttar Pradesh
Barnawa B.O 250345BarautUttar Pradesh
Barwala B.O 250621BarautUttar Pradesh
Basaudh B.O 250601BarautUttar Pradesh
Basauli B.O 250623BarautUttar Pradesh
Bassi B.O 250101BarautUttar Pradesh
Bazidpur B.O 250611BarautUttar Pradesh
Begmabad Garhi B.O 250622BarautUttar Pradesh
Bhagot B.O 250101BarautUttar Pradesh
Bharal B.O 250622BarautUttar Pradesh
Bhelsi B.O 221502BarautUttar Pradesh
Bhiti B.O 221502BarautUttar Pradesh
Bijrol B.O 250611BarautUttar Pradesh
Bijwara B.O 250345BarautUttar Pradesh
Bilochpura B.O 250606BarautUttar Pradesh
Binauli S.O 250345BarautUttar Pradesh
Bodha B.O 250617BarautUttar Pradesh
Budhera B.O 250611BarautUttar Pradesh
Budhpur B.O 250623BarautUttar Pradesh
Budhsaini B.O 250606BarautUttar Pradesh
Chamrawal B.O 250615BarautUttar Pradesh
Chandyan B.O 250345BarautUttar Pradesh
Chaubli B.O 250611BarautUttar Pradesh
Daha B.O 250611BarautUttar Pradesh
Daula B.O 250601BarautUttar Pradesh
Dhanaura Tikri B.O 250622BarautUttar Pradesh
Dhikana B.O 250611BarautUttar Pradesh
Dhobaha B.O 221502BarautUttar Pradesh
Dohja B.O 250611BarautUttar Pradesh
Duttnagar B.O 250626BarautUttar Pradesh
Faizpur Ninana B.O 250619BarautUttar Pradesh
Fakharpur B.O 250101BarautUttar Pradesh
Fatehpur Poothi B.O 250345BarautUttar Pradesh
Fazalpur B.O 250345BarautUttar Pradesh
Gaidbara B.O 250622BarautUttar Pradesh
Galheta B.O 250345BarautUttar Pradesh
Gangnauli B.O 250625BarautUttar Pradesh
Garhi B.O 250601BarautUttar Pradesh
Garhi Hazurabad B.O 250606BarautUttar Pradesh
Garhi Kalanjiri B.O 250101BarautUttar Pradesh
Gauripur B.O 250619BarautUttar Pradesh
Ghitora B.O 250101BarautUttar Pradesh
Girdkot B.O 221502BarautUttar Pradesh
Gothra B.O 250101BarautUttar Pradesh
Gunga Kheri B.O 250621BarautUttar Pradesh
Gurana B.O 250611BarautUttar Pradesh
Gwali Khera B.O 250606BarautUttar Pradesh
Hewa B.O 250617BarautUttar Pradesh
Hilwari B.O 250611BarautUttar Pradesh
Hisauda B.O 250615BarautUttar Pradesh
Ibrahimpur Mazra B.O 250623BarautUttar Pradesh
Idrishpur B.O 250622BarautUttar Pradesh
Jaunmana B.O 250611BarautUttar Pradesh
Jhundpur B.O 250622BarautUttar Pradesh
Jiwana B.O 250345BarautUttar Pradesh
Jiwana B.O 250623BarautUttar Pradesh
Johri B.O 250345BarautUttar Pradesh
Kakor Kalan B.O 250617BarautUttar Pradesh
Kakripur B.O 250623BarautUttar Pradesh
Kandera B.O 250620BarautUttar Pradesh
Kanhar B.O 250622BarautUttar Pradesh
Kasimpur Khari B.O 250623BarautUttar Pradesh
Khatta Prahladpur B.O 250615BarautUttar Pradesh
Khekra S.O 250101BarautUttar Pradesh
Khera Hatana B.O 250619BarautUttar Pradesh
Kherki B.O 250619BarautUttar Pradesh
Khwaja Nagla B.O 250611BarautUttar Pradesh
Kirthal B.O 250611BarautUttar Pradesh
Kishanpur Baral S.O 250623BarautUttar Pradesh
Kotana B.O 250611BarautUttar Pradesh
Lalyana B.O 250615BarautUttar Pradesh
Lohadda B.O 250611BarautUttar Pradesh
Luhari B.O 250611BarautUttar Pradesh
Lumb B.O 250611BarautUttar Pradesh
Malakpur B.O 250611BarautUttar Pradesh
Mawi Kalan B.O 250606BarautUttar Pradesh
Mitli B.O 250601BarautUttar Pradesh
Mozizabad Nangal B.O 250625BarautUttar Pradesh
Mubarikpur B.O 250101BarautUttar Pradesh
Muzampur Kamala B.O 250345BarautUttar Pradesh
Nai Mandi Baraut S.O 250611BarautUttar Pradesh
Nehru Rd. Baraut S.O 250611BarautUttar Pradesh
Nerojpur Gujar B.O 250601BarautUttar Pradesh
Nibali B.O 250601BarautUttar Pradesh
Nirpura B.O 250625BarautUttar Pradesh
Pabla Begmabad B.O 250615BarautUttar Pradesh
Palra B.O 250622BarautUttar Pradesh
Palri B.O 250622BarautUttar Pradesh
Phulera B.O 250101BarautUttar Pradesh
Pilana B.O 250615BarautUttar Pradesh
Pusar B.O 250622BarautUttar Pradesh
Rajpur Khampur B.O 250611BarautUttar Pradesh
Ramala B.O 250623BarautUttar Pradesh
Ranchhar B.O 250345BarautUttar Pradesh
Rataul B.O 250101BarautUttar Pradesh
Rathaura B.O 250617BarautUttar Pradesh
Sabga B.O 250617BarautUttar Pradesh
Sadiqpur Sinoli B.O 250611BarautUttar Pradesh
Sankrodh B.O 250101BarautUttar Pradesh
Sarurpur Kalan S.O 250619BarautUttar Pradesh
Shahpur Banoli B.O 250611BarautUttar Pradesh
Sherpur Luhari B.O 250617BarautUttar Pradesh
Shikohpur B.O 250611BarautUttar Pradesh
Singhaoli Ahir B.O 250606BarautUttar Pradesh
Sirsalgarh B.O 250345BarautUttar Pradesh
Soop B.O 250623BarautUttar Pradesh
Sujra B.O 250601BarautUttar Pradesh
Sujti B.O 250625BarautUttar Pradesh
Sunehra B.O 250101BarautUttar Pradesh
Teodhi B.O 250611BarautUttar Pradesh
Tera B.O 250606BarautUttar Pradesh
Tikri S.O 250625BarautUttar Pradesh
Titroda B.O 250345BarautUttar Pradesh
Tugana B.O 250617BarautUttar Pradesh

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